People often wait for a sign from the universe to make a decision.
Wishing to leave hope and important decisions to mystery and coincidence.
And when they do not get what they ask for they become discontent.
All wishes seem distant, but then again isn’t it a desire for something non existent.
Do you get the point?

It does not pay to gamble with conscious when it owes the heart a vicious debt.
And there you are pleading to the skies, screaming at the stars; voice resonating to all the unknowns.

Abandoning whats yours, ripe for the taking.
Taking what does not belong to you, because such is there for you to choose.

But the universe keeps going on.
Maybe that’s the point, that it it keeps going on.
That you should keep going on.
While you’re there waiting for a sign that may or may not be.
Life is being lived, in full circle.

The universe isn’t going to give you what you want.
Nor do I believe it can.

But it is telling you to create your own world inside of it.
Universe, “Of one whole,” and you are one whole weary of a soul.

My friend tell me, what resides inside you?