Stuck in a moment.
They screamed on the inside.
Voices resonating in their mind.
Eternity, a lifetime?
A second?

Chasing what they cannot see.
Obsessing over its meaning.
It is a human endeavour; our plight and greed.
The cries of the weary asking for “more time please.”

Yet what does this mean?
What is a moment really?

A clock runs their hearts, they grasp at hands desperately.
Always slipping through the fingers.
Torn between what is and what should be.
A corrosive chaotic ticking in place of where a rhythmic beat should be.

The illusion of time rots their minds.
That is something I cannot transpire.
Pleading with the unknown.
To have a little more of what is bound to take place nevertheless.

My friends you would feel empty once again.
Once that moment left.
And there you rest.
Sullen and bitter because you wasted all your “time”;
And now you have none left for which you should have already spent.

Living in the now is the greatest gift
Peer your eyes, open your mind.
Have you not one thing to be thankful for.
Right here, right now.

Because past, future or present.
You will never have enough time.