For he spoke to the sky countless times,
Demanding to it,
a light to take away the darkness.

Searching high and wide,
He feared it was never to be found,
Is a miracle not suppose to be obvious?

The shade clouded his judgement,
For he himself was sunshine,
Blocked out by the crippling fear,

So many are oblivious to a dream,
A dream that they’ve dreamt so long,
They could be surrounded in a world of happiness,
And find only that one dark spot.

Time slows, and it races, where does it even start?
Little did he know the fix to a weary heart,
a counterpart

All along,
It was in the reflection of a pair of eyes that mirrored his my own soul.
And when he saw how bright he could shine,
He lifted her high,
She had rays twice the size,
A light of her own.

He hasn’t been lost since,
He found his home.