Apparently the pursuit of happiness is a never ending endeavour,
Because one could spend forever contemplating only if.

Only if I had such a thing in my grasp,
Swearing you’d know it if such feelings were arms length.
Yet opportunity passes us in the blink of an eye.

Running towards destinations blind.
Tripping and falling,
Falling for tricks,
Missing chances and now you’re an adult taking fits.

A breathe and it slips our minds
What is it you where trying to find,
The big grand gestures of life?

The slow steady breathing of someone who truly has it all right,
A hell of a sight that would be,
Am I right?

When was the last time that you smiled ear to ear?

An exhale, viewed as a sigh of exhaustion, distress;
but what
of those whom sigh of relief.

Tearing life at the seams,
Just to get a glimpse of the complex beauty I could never understand,
But never underestimate.

Only because I’d sooner see myself mad,
Deconstructing meaning rather than accepting,
What is known
for its validity.