I am but one man of none, but also of immense value.
Who basks in the sun and stares mystified at the moon.
As it all rises and falls.

Tonight I am grateful as one should be everyday,
Have you ever stopped to take a deep breath?
How good it feels?
It’s such a simplistic thing you do nonstop from the day you are born,
Until the day you part,
It’s so routine.

Yet if you willingly stop, in awe of a deep though.
Inhale with as much force as humanly possibly,
Expel it out with just as much.
The body tingles with weightlessness.
If only for a just a second.

Life entering the body,
Life exiting,
I became more aware of my heart,
Pumping and pushing of blood to all extremities,
There it is again,
That feeling,
That sound,
That’s life.

And I know I do not have it all figured out,
But taking it back to basics,
By doing something I do on a daily basis,
I took a breath,

How is that not beautiful?
It all stemmed from a thought,
And I found myself a little more,
And I’m thankful for that.