“A word to the wise is sufficient” 

We live in a society where you’re singled out for being self-centered, weird to most if you are self-aware. 

A crime to search yourself. To feel a kin to your own skin. Forgive me for not handing myself over to worldliness.

Toxic are the ones you feel the need to validate and relate to. To those who try to play god with your life, but yet to have even scratched the surface of their own.

Causing hopeful extroverts to implode, introverting themselves. Protecting your mind comes at a cost. Disappearing among the many faces of friendship that have lost their places, I still love you but we now fill up different spaces, we no longer fit.

There is not a single person on this earth other than yourself that requires a reason when it comes to your betterment.

The first to question it. Usually are the last to comprehend, you have a vision, a means, an end. 

Success is a lonely road they say, and you fall many times along the way. Tripping over good intentions; positivity in negative states.

Today’s you dies with all of yesterdays lessons.  Inspire and stay true to  jagged path you’ll soon claim as your success.