Love is beautiful.

Time tested old love; weather but tensile beyond all means. 

New and adventurous love, setting off in the exploration of one’s soul.

I’m sitting here at a wedding and I cannot fight the urge to weep uncontrollably. The amount of family and friend’s gathered here is astonishing really. And it is open bar which I’ve never had the luxury of being at. And I think I am hammered before everyone else. Yet I can still type perfectly.

I can honestly say that if I were to be married tomorrow, the total amount of people that would should up would be about five. That’s with no exaggeration.

People underestimate the true value of family. It’s a strange thing to feel sorrow for something I’ve never had. But we always want we can’t have right?

It also made me realize how much I really am In love with my woman, the one who brought me as her date. She’s the photographer. And I keep looking for her face in the crowd. Just wanting to see her beautiful face and dance with her.

Does it make me insane that at 26 I feel like I’ve lived a lifetime. And that I am ready to settle down, get married and buy a house. Have that clichĂ© typical family live I never had growing up. 

That running around, drinking and chasing girls has long since disinterested me. And that I’ve been just looking for someone to feed my heart soul and mind. And now that I’ve found her, in such night anticipation to make her mine forever.

And it’s not just this situation or time. It’s the fact at the random and stupidest times, I just hopelessly realize she’s not like everyone else. And that she is “the one.” Literally fitting perfectly against me, complementing everything I am not.

It comes to my attention alot of people search a lifetime for what I am attempting to vaguely yet profoundly explain.

So I count myself as one of the few, lucky and proud. I stopped searching. And what I was looking for found me.

She is my everything. The first I love you came from me. And I there are numerous of first’s I keep experiencing.  

Love of not exclusive. To those who feel hopeless. You cannot force something. It wasn’t until I had given up all hop and expectations and decided to take whatever life would throw at me. That I would find what I had truly searched for. 

That I had recognized it in such an instance.

I guess what I am trying to say is please don’t lose hope. What you are looking for may be right in your grasp. And when it is my beautifuls, man or woman you will never let it go. Not without the fight of your life. 

And excuse me, take every word I say with a grain of salt. But love is impartial; it exists as two different entities part of one whole. Opposing and attracting one another as one completed soul. Love is work, but the work is effortless as a whole.