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When do you realize your the most in love with you partner or that your falling in love with them even more?

How do they feed your soul? What is I about them specifically that makes you feel like your heart is safe in their hands.

How do they motivate and support your spirituality, caused you to re-examine or change your life for the better. 

What are some of the long-term lovers secrets to growing with one another.

I find myself realizing. After me and my Squishy face, yes I call her “Squishy face.” After our lovely weekends spent together, and we are in our humble homes. Preparing for a busy week ahead. 

And I’m going to sleep alone. It hits me how much I miss her presence. Her sight and smells. 

And then I start replaying the weekends or time we spend together in my head. The silly jokes she tells, how she matches me in my craziness and loudness. How fiercely we made love. Whether we went out or had a weekend in with relaxation and cuddles.

Then my heart palpitates. And I’m smiling uncontrollably. And I’m awestruck by her. When I’m all alone.

I realize I love her even more when she’s not around. Then I get an insane amount of “butterflies” because it’s been just so natural since day one. Nothing forced, complementing one another in such a profound way.