A silent poets loud dreams

Life in the words of a mediocre poet.


October 2016

A sweet lullaby.

A sweet lullaby.
Sound waves of calming tones,
In lightly spoken words hits my ears,
Lifts me off my feet.

What was that? Say it again……..
Say anything,
I’ll listen, just say anything.

What you call your voice,
I call beautiful with a paralyzing resonance.

Soothing to the heart.
Mesmerizing to the mind.
As you say hush, quiet.

It’s been a long day you look tired.
Tell me about.

I’ll light a candle, Is vanilla alright?
Within seconds she eases all tension.
With soft lips, a flirtatious grin.
As she pulls away from a kiss.

It’s what I miss.
The confidence she gets, making my mind a mess.

The weak look on my face.
It’s a game, knowing I want more.

A taste……………………
A touch…………………..

How long until I beg?
Losing all control when she whispers my name,
Tickling my ear.

My whole body shakes.
Her closeness seducing my nose,
Scents of skin and perfume,
As I slip off her clothes,
Kisses trailing with each pull.

Drunk with lust, No self-control.
She smiles conceitedly, she knows she wins.

And now I’m just a mindless fool to flesh soft and smooth.
Holding my head between her chest,
A sigh, A plea, all frustration leaves me.

What is a man against a pair of soft pillowed breasts, but powerless.
Grabbing hand fulls of my fair,
Kisses on my forehead.

As I inhale deeply,
I could do this all night,
But my tongue grows restless,
To taste her nectar as sweet as her saliva.


Existential me 04.

How does a person truly know themselves, is self-discovery not a life long thing?
I definitely think and act differently  than I use to.
What about days, months from now, will it change?
And if a man sees in the world what he carries in his heart.
How is he to act, think and believe in an ever-changing vessel?

Something that I’ve realized is that the more above something you think you are.
The contrary is true. It doesn’t take a strong person to overcome.
It takes a weak person in search of strength.

It’s the difference between pride and remembering where you came from and staying humble and thankful for where you are.

How can anyone believe that they are fully in control in something as uncontrollable and unpredictable as life.

And if I had one question. One single sentence to free me from my past. Would I be brave enough to ask? Or stand there with my words frozen to my lips once again. Even though I know there’s so much more than this. But fear still run cold through me. Missing everything beautiful and all of life’s precious gifts.

It’s all so simple yet I’m complicated.

Its all so simple yet I’ll never make it out pristine and unscathed like I dream about.

I’ve been praying for easy, instead every lesson has hit harder, with a reality that goes against my defensive nature.

I want everything my way and that has surely been denied. Another sad day, another long night. So what is the question to make it all right. Where’s the answer I need to help me?

To once and for all understand that I’m just fragile flesh and bone and my time is not of my own?

Sweet moments.

A moment suspended in time,
When you first kissed me,  
I never realized that I had died, 
Because I just shot back to life, 
Oh how sweet your saliva, 
Your breath on my face, 
Thank you for walking with me, 
As I stumbled to be a better man, 
Never once did you let go of my hand, 
Even when that would have made more sense, 
Just know that I love you, 
Every noise your mouth makes, 
From the happy, 
To when your pointing blame, 
I love, 
The dimples on your face, 
Every wrinkle I can trace, 
Since day one,  
I couldn’t look away, 
When your eyes give you away, 
Oh darling they give you away, 
So hush, 
Don’t say, 
Don’t say,  
let me kiss your rose petal lips, 
let me tell you, 
Your vanity rips my insides apart, 
You have no right to tell me different, 
Oh if you could see yourself, 
From my eyes, 
You’d react different when I say your beautiful, 
You’d smile because you know it’s true, 
And that I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

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