A moment suspended in time,
When you first kissed me,  
I never realized that I had died, 
Because I just shot back to life, 
Oh how sweet your saliva, 
Your breath on my face, 
Thank you for walking with me, 
As I stumbled to be a better man, 
Never once did you let go of my hand, 
Even when that would have made more sense, 
Just know that I love you, 
Every noise your mouth makes, 
From the happy, 
To when your pointing blame, 
I love, 
The dimples on your face, 
Every wrinkle I can trace, 
Since day one,  
I couldn’t look away, 
When your eyes give you away, 
Oh darling they give you away, 
So hush, 
Don’t say, 
Don’t say,  
let me kiss your rose petal lips, 
let me tell you, 
Your vanity rips my insides apart, 
You have no right to tell me different, 
Oh if you could see yourself, 
From my eyes, 
You’d react different when I say your beautiful, 
You’d smile because you know it’s true, 
And that I want to spend the rest of my life with you.