Here I am.
Here is 2017 another year the body ages but the mind fights to stay young. 27 years old two kids and still a whole life ahead of me to figure out still.

Long gone are the days of eyeliner and studded belts. I can’t believe I’m actually dressing like an adult now. The depressing MSN Messenger handles and Myspace. Oh god what a time!

I grew up in the height of the scene. When everyone though it was “devils music” or “something satanic” and at that I LOL, oh how we were misunderstood when the music wasn’t as popular and everyone judged the fuck out of us for being different and we snarled back for them being all the same. 

But what I do know is my love for music has never died. And even as an adult I hardcore dance around the house while cleaning and doing the dishes; to a double bass drum fueled, pre-teen angst hyperness. Screaming along getting lost in the break-down and catchy choruses.

And what better way to start the year off than a show?
August Burns Red ( ABR ) Sunday January 8th at metropolis, one of Montreal’s most popular venue’s.

And I’m getting the old uniform on for the show. Skinnies, a band t-shirt ( of course like duh! ) Studded belt to top it off. 

We spend so much time trying to grow old. We forget what makes us feel alive. And here I am in the thick of life, and it’s great. However every once and a while you need to take a step back, get loud and rowdy with the crew. Hit a show and jump around like skinny teenagers again. The inner kid is supposed to live vicariously through your adult self, not be repressed, that’s why so many become depressed. Life is truly short take some god damn time for yourself. Do what you enjoy.

And on a final note. August Burns Red got me through my teenage years when I felt depressed and alone. The band is no stranger to the plight. And I will be a life long fan. 60 years old still hardcore dancing until my hip breaks.

I’m only 27, but I am forever the emo kid.