Do you remember?

Do you Remember the good old days?
we were never afraid. The ten year old we’ were braver than we could ever be today.

Where’s the adventure?

What happened to that sense of adventure, sense of fearlessness, the never giving up. 

We have all been bloody and broken at some point!

Falling down a hundred times, getting up a hundred and one. It didn’t phase us.
Blind to the fact that life was something to be figured out.

Where’s that who cares spirit now?
The I am who I am, be who ill be attitude.


I never get what I want.

It seems as adults we just turn into big babies. I’m uncomfortable, things aren’t going my way

I’m sad, mad, hurt, frustrated and nobody is taking it away. Always wanting what other people have, whining all day.

Younger you had it right.

We can all benefit from looking back to our younger years. What did the innocent you believe? What did you fear?

How would the young you act, with all these trivial, iwrrelevant things you call unfair?