A silent poets loud dreams

Life in the words of a mediocre poet.


April 2017


And tonight all I want is to stare into eyes like galaxies.

Eyes like galaxies….. 

A complex and complicated beauty that is so misunderstood.

In light and darkness you see her. 
She is ever so apparent; like every star up there burning, causing us to wonder. Captivating yet so secretive, casting shadows of a solitary life.

If I could just for a second, trace her hands, like constellations. I would never wish on a star again, but her lips.

I was naked, defeated. Along you came, with your surreal eyes. Dancing emeralds; I forgot about the sky, And how it led me astray.

For all the empty dreams it let me cry out. And I wished to the stars, pouring my heart out.

I felt it betrayed me 

Until now….




‚ÄčThe walls are spinning, yet my vision is hyper-focused on her eyes; drawing all the attention out of the room.

They shine, they sparkle. They gleam a becon that destroys my insides and brings me back to my existence; weak and fragile, full of selfishness and wanting.

She smells of Midnight mixed in with a swirl of romance on her softest of her spots.

The profound scent of Peony with undertones of vannilla and raspberries; flooding my airways with such a lustful aroma. I am drunk, I have smelled the scent of heavens skin. There no more, there is no other.

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